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This is my Vintage Cross bike.

Built all with Old and NOS parts.

Frame is a Labadie (really a Zeus, but has Campy Drops. Very true cross bike. No rack mounts, no bottlecage mounts.
Drivetrain is early 90's Shimano 600. Singlespeed setup.
Brakes are early 90's XTR
I recently put the wheels from a Trek cross bike on it as my 600/Sun wheels are pulling apart.....

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very cool, did you get that frame from santa barbara?

I have a Bob Jackson set up in a very similar fashion
nice bike jeremy!
adding your pics inline via the camera icon:

That's beautiful. What gear ratio you using? You going to bring that out to any of the Nashville races this season? I'd love to see it.
Thanks Booksy. I had a 39-20 on it at that time. Since then, I've updated the bike with a 9sp DA cluster in back and brifter up front. I was spinning out completely on the faster sections of the stuff I ride lately with the former setup.

I hope to make it to a couple of the Nash races - hope to see you there!

Thanks Ya'll.

cxchiva, I did get the frameset from a Cali shop, but I can't remember the name now...
That is a damn fine looking bicycle. Enjoy it!

Updated my ride a little further. The fork was not heavy in steel terms, but it was heavy overall.....I wanted to update the thing a bit and get some weight off it.
I found an AlphaQ fork for it in 1" and installed it with a King 1" headset. I added a scandium Control Tech stem to it along with a carbon spacer. Feels really nice so far.

I cut 1.3lbs off the bike in total!!! I think that will make some difference (not as much as cutting anothe 10lbs off my a$$) that I can feel while shouldering it.

Not so 'vintage' anymore, but definitely faster than I can pilot it!
Nice ride. The changes due it some justice.
it's been really neat to follow the progression. keep us updated!


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