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Hello All,

I apologise as I remember there were some tyre width discussions a year ago, but I couldn't find them.

Looks like I'm out of another cross season due to chronic injury, but the bug has transferred to another family member.
I'm building an entry cross bike up for my sister using one of my old road frames and cross forks. If she likes it we'll get a better set up for next year, but this will do for now.

Amazingly It all works, but to enhance rear clearance I'd like a tyre that's actual measured width is 28mm.

I'm after a clincher, but NOT a file tread as there will be some muddy use.
I'm not concerned with the technicalities of handling that an experienced rider would notice.

Any suggestions?

(I'm in the UK so that may effect what's available.)


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The Kenda Kwik is labelled 700 X 30 C but mounts up to be close to 28. I've fit this to a road bike, but it'll depend on the frame clearance. 
If you can find old Vredestein Campos, those were made in a 32 and a 28. I saw some 28's not long ago on eBay. Also, in issue #4 was a big clincher review, and I think the Panaracer CrossBlaster and Conti Twister Pro were pretty narrow. I wish I could get ahold of the old Campos, I really liked how those rode.
Thanks for the suggestions guys.
I'll have a look and see if I can get any of them.

I can get my mud IIs (which measure 32mm) in the frame, but there is some slight rub on the chain stays.
I'll be using new forks so there won't be a problem at the front end so I'm only after one tyre.


The offer a 30c size, and the lugs look good for mud.
Hi Rich,

I'd seen those and was interested by them, but I don't know anyone that uses them so can't get some measurements from them.

You can get them pretty cheaply in the UK so maybe I should just buy one and test it anyway.

I put some on my Mavic Aksiums and they measure 28mm on my calipers. They're really skinny looking and ,for trail riding at least, the don't really work for my 190lb weight. Not much traction and when I lower the pressure to 45psi they bottom out very easily. Sounds like they might work for what you're trying though.
Panaracer Cross Blasters are 31's and they're great. I'd guess a 28 wouldn't feel like there was much underneath you and if you're in mud, you're going to have problems with road clearance regardless of the width. I'd fit the biggest thing I could and pray for dry conditions.
Hi Booksy,

Good points.
I'll have a look at those cross blasters.
You can also try the Scwalbe CX Pro Lights at 30mm (but are less than that). I actually tried them on my Look 595 (not a lot of clearance) -- the front tire was fine but the rear was just rubbing. If you have an older frame these might fit.

A word of caution -- these are really light Cx tires @~250g. I'd put some sealant in the tubes.




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