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Hi all. I'm in the process of gluing up new tires for CX season. Last Saturday I mounted up the new tires on the rims to stretch them out, no problema. Pumped them up and left them until yesterday (four days); I checked the tires each day and they were holding air, again no problema. Yesterday I took the tires off the rims and began the gluing process, pumping each tire a bit and putting a glue layer on the base tape. I set them aside to cure, and in a couple of hours one of the tires was completely flat. Pumped it again to be sure, same thing, flat after a few hours. The other tire is holding air perfectly. I know there is nothing I did while gluing to puncture the tire in any way, and it's weird that it would hold air for four days in the rim but lose it quickly off of it. Now I'm hesitant to finish gluing and mount it up.

Any thoughts? Has anyone seen this before? I find it strange that one tire will hold a small amount of air and the other won't. Is this $100 tire now just trash? They are Clement PDXs, if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance,

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You probably have a smal hole somewhere around the base tape (maybe put there when you mounted a tight tire on the rim to stretch it?). Use some Stan's to fix it and put some in the other tire for future puncture protection.

Excellent tires btw.

I would check the valve core, it may have come loose from putting your pump head on and off? If it's not that and your are using valve extenders maybe they are leaking? I feel your pain and frustration ! If you can't figure it out the only other solution would to be to take the valve stem out and put some Stans sealant in it and hope that works to seal the leak? Hope this helps.



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