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I've narrowed my list down to these two bikes. IF planet x in steel or Habanero in Ti. I can't seem to find that many reviews from people who have actually ridden either of these. Any input appreciated. Thanks!

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Just get the Habenero........We've had this discussion, and you know you want ti. :)


I have ridden and raced a few IF cross bikes and loved everyone of them. Great bikes, solid, incredibly well built, and very little you could do to make them better.

Both bikes would be awesome, but IF could be built just for you.

Yeah, the smallest stock habby would fit me well too I think. Thus the dilemma! 

Not a fan of the IF Planet, Cool bike but the BB was higher than I like. I do like that IF is USA made. But I would get a custom Habanero, not as cool but you can get the Geo you want. Geo is everything in a CX bike. 

Interesting John. The BB height is kind of an issue. What are you running now? The Hab stock is pretty low but I honestly don't think it would be an issue for me. I tested a friends Carver Ti last night and loved it. I imagine the  Hab would be similar so now I'm down to Carver and Hab! 

I run one bike with a 7cm drop and one with 8cm drop. With the 8cm drop you can't pedal in some circumstances but man you can rail the corners. I don't remember the height of my IF Planet but I sure felt it in the corners. If I was going to custom another bike I would go with something in the 72-73mm range. 

I currently ride a Blue CXC. It's drop is 6cm. I feel "perched" on it if that makes sense??The Hab has a 7.8 cm drop. In all reality, if I was going over roots or large rocks, I probably wouldn't be pedaling and that moment so the clearance probably isn't an issue! I love stability so railing it in the corners sounds very nice. Thanks for your input! 


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