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In two of my three races this year, I started in great position, but went into the corners too aggressively and hit the deck. It happened three or four times Saturday, causing me to finish in 32nd place. I plan to ride more conservatively -- and with lower tire pressure -- this weekend, but does anyone have any advice on how to better handle the turns? I manage to stay upright most of the time during weekday practices. Thanks.

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Yep. One thing to add on #2 "look where you want to go"

I used to interpret this advice as "take a quick glance"at my destination around a given turn.

Recently I practiced with a buddy who stood (way) down the practice trail, after a tight turn. I practiced taking the turn at 1/2 speed, with my buddy yelling non-stop "look at me, look at me."  It was a real surprise to me to discover how hard it was to look around the corner, and then NEVER take my eyes off of my exit point. But, it really improved my confidence.  You can practice the same drill without someone screaming at you, just by identify some marker beyond each turn as your goal, and then willing yourself to focus on it like a laser until you get there.

I managed to stay upright mostly on Sunday. I went down once during warm-ups after I rolled a tire. Of course the fact the course wasn't very technical helped quite a bit. Thanks again for all your advice. Hopefully I can keep learning and bettering my skills.


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