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So I am looking for an XL frameset.  I am just over 6'4" and currently ride a Specialized Roubaix XXL and an XL Niner EMD.  I would prefer carbon, i.e. new giant, crux or orbea but I just don't think that they are going to be big enough for me.  Really just need some suggestions as to what the other big guys are riding.  I saw somewhere on this board that someone had one of the big team Kona bikes but didn't ride it anymore.  If anyone can point me in their direction that would be helpful too. 


Thanks for the help.

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Trebon is starting his own team next year.  If the new team isn't riding Konas he would probably be selling it sometime this spring.    You could drop him a message on Facebook, which I think he checks every couple months - so that may be about when he is looking to sell.
Anyone know how to get a message to any of the big Kona team guys?  I am way out of the cx circles.
I'm looking to sell 2 of my custom Spooky cross bikes. I'm 6'3, 84cm seat height. The bike can be seen here:

If you're interested, I can give you more measurements and we can talk about a price. I'll include a easton cx fork as well. Full bike with SRAM Red is also possible.

Thanks for getting back to me.  I would be very interested in the full specs.  Might be willing to bite on the full SRAM bike.  Send me an email at and let me know the best way to get in touch with you.  I am in NW Denver but spend a lot of time in Louisville as well.  I am guessing it is the bike I have seen you on but if you have pics of the full SRAM bike send them my way. Thanks again.

Just checked.  I am a 85cm seat height so it would work depending on the headtube and drop.  thx again
I might be interested in the Spookys as well.  Could you send me specs and price? You can reach me at Thanks much.
I am 6'5" and ride a 60cm Bailey.  Full carbon.  Wonderful bike.
Is you Bailey the Aluminum lugged version or did they make a full carbon?
I bought one of the Wicks/Trebon frames off eBay without knowing it was one of their 2008 team models (some eBay clearing house sold it for $150 to me). It was great for a full season and built up really light, though the top tube was slightly too long for me (somewhere around 61-62cm and I prefer around 60cm).

The new carbon Konas look great and they do sell the 63cm model now (they used to max out at 62cm frames and just made one-off 63cm frames for their team riders). Like Tim Jones said, if Trebon rides a different brand of frame chances are he'll sell the old race bikes cheap. I bought one of his very large XC MTB team issue rides for an insanely great price (if you're interested in a hard tail aluminum MTB frame, I'm swapping the Kona out for a custom Ti soon).
Let me know if you want to part with the 2008 team frame.  I am still looking into some options.  The Spooky above might work I am going to try and get on one after the new year.  I am all set on the MTB frame.  Thanks for the offer.
Oh, I sold my 63cm major jake last year, I forgot to mention that.
Anyone know how to get a message to any of the big Kona team guys?  I am way out of the cx circles.


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