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Trying to decide between Williams Cyclocross wheelset ($400/weight 1590) and the Neuvation R wheelset ($350 after discount/weight 1480). Saw a great review in CX Mag re: the Williams wheels and some nice reviews of the Neuvation wheels on various message boards. Both have great customer service. I don't think I can really go wrong with either, but that being said, has anyone got any advice for me? Anyone riding either wheelset want to give their opinion? I plan on mounting Challenge Grifo tubulars on them. Thanks for your help!

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Or you could go with Boyd's alloy 25mm tubies:


Lighter (1409g) than the Williams/Neuvation wheel sets and as for customer service, you deal directly with Boyd or his wife in South Carolina.  $100 more, but Boyd uses top notch parts, builds his wheels and stands behind every one of them.  He actually talked me out of a particular wheel set because it didn't fit my needs. When was the last time someone tried NOT to sell you something?


Sorry to throw a wrench into your wheel choices :)

From what I understand, Boyd makes good stuff. There are people riding them all over the place down here.



I rode both the Neuvation wheels and the Williams wheels last year, and will be on the Williams this year.

I felt like the Neuvations were noticeably lighter (my Williams are probably two years old, so a different build), but I feel like the Williams are stiffer and sturdier. The thin spoke on the Neuvation wheels made me a little bit nervous, and I felt like I was winding up the hub before the wheel would start turning. The Neuvations also have a wider braking surface than most other wheels. So swapping sets takes a few seconds.


Otherwise, both are very good wheels. Never had any catastrophic failure with either, and I never felt like they were a hindrance. had a Vuelta Corsa Superlite wheelset for about $350 as well and it weighed in slightly less than the Neuvations. But their warranty doesn't cover damage from racing. Has anyone ridden them?
Got an offer for a twice-used wheelset: DT 240 hubs and sapim aero blades spokes on Mavic reflex rims for $400. Thoughts?

The hubs alone are worth the asking price - heck a new 240 rear hub is almost the asking price.  If the setups in good condition I say do it.    

Thanks, David. I'm taking a look at them Monday.


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