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Seriously, no one has started a thread on this yet?  I may have missed it, but I looked pretty closely to see if there was a thread on this already.

Thoughts on the new changes from USA Cycling?

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Which is a problem in places (like Colorado) where the numbers are big enough to need 3 regular fields (pro-2, 3, and 4). It would be much better to give local reps discretion to upgrade after 10 races, so they can go what makes sense on a state-by-state basis, instead of making this one-size-fits-all.

I agree. I earned my upgrade this year and am dreading the eventual influx of so many more riders.

Time of day is the inconvenience for me.

Cat 3 races are later in the day vs. Cat 4 in the morning. More reason to get there early and watch all the races, I guess?
I think a better solution would be to incorporate the new points ranking system into the cat upgrading system. That was the ranking system will have more value than just seeding for Nationals. Plus the ranking system is really accurate. Especially as more data is collected, and racers Start to race each other from other regions. Maybe the system could be set up something like this.... Cat 4 590-450 points. Cat 3 449-300 points. Cat 2 299-175. Cat 1 174-1.

Maybe my scale is not perfect, but I think it could have potential. This could also be used to force automatic upgrades. And or if someone does not upgrade, they cannot achieve the next level of points, I.e. if I am cat 4 and my racing is 450, I can not get my ranking lower unless I upgrade to Cat 3, or am automatically upgraded.

My 2 cents.

Best thing we could do, if you have not already, take the 2013 USAC Membership survey in the My Account settings at the USAC web site.


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