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So has anyone heard for 09 season if any one is making a 42 or 44 tooth outer ring with ramps on it. I don't wan't to run a single chain ring in the front. I would like to have a 38, 44 on my bike and I have seen some pros testing it out last season. has anyone heard anything?

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No ramps needed. I run a 38/44 and shifting is great. With tooth range that narrow, ramps are like tits on a bull. Costs more for no real advantage. Most races I stay in the 44 but it's nice to bail into the 38 once in a while. Plus I found that running two chain rings was a cheaper conversion and I hardly drop the chain since you run it pretty tight with such a narrow range up front.
What brand of chain-ring are you using?
Vuelta or Sugino or some such cheapo. I probably got it at Bikeman. Surf over there -- they have lots to choose from in any manner of bcd and bolt pattern.


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