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Giant sponsors the Rabobank team as of January first, so we were anxious to get a look at the new rides (carbon of course). Looks like they're not quite ready...hopefully soon.

Here's a pic of what the team is riding. Look familiar? The rider is Aernouts and it's taken by Bart Hazen.

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I guess Rabobank stickers will have to do for now. Surely Giant will have Boom on a new rig by 'Worlds....
Just talked with looks like the current bikes seen above will remain the same through the season. Giant (understandably) and the riders thought it was too risky to switch just before Worlds when they were already happy and used to their bikes (unlike Page who switched just before nats because he wasn't happy with his old bike). So, stay tuned for news on their TCX carbon bike...they say it should be ready at least in prototype form before next season for the riders.
JP liked his Ridley alot, he just did not like not getting paid in full for the season. Off topic, I know, its just that he has been trying to be careful to avoid the impression of bad mouthing Ridley in any way. It was business.

thanks jerry for the clarification.
I heard the frame in the picture is the colnago they have been riding just badged over. Looking at the picture I have to agree. The fins on the fort are a pretty common feature on colnago's. Also, my experience with giant (which is quite a bit as I have ridden and been on a bunch of them) suggests they avoid lug and tube construction like this. I have to feel like this is a colnago that they have badged over to make giant happy!
anyone know what BB drop the 2009 Giant TCX has?


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