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Hey everyone, with our CX season here in Cinci starting Sunday, I gave the cross bike a once over last night and I am in need of some new brake pads. Kool-Stop now has Kool-Stop Cross pads?!?!?!  They are about the size of the Shimano Dura Ace brake pads, not the longer MTB brakes.  They are triple compound...and the "plow tip" is not there like it is on the MTB pads.  Has anyone used these pads?  Thoughts?  I'd like to check them out, but wanted to see if anyone has used them yet.

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yeah great experiences, on Paul's and TRP... they stop well, have good if not great modulation and work well in muck... I highly recommend them. Have them for my MTB as well...
The Kool-Stop Cross pads are great? Or just Kool-Stop pads in general?
the cross specific pads... i have run salmon for years and now I wont go back these things stop great
I've run KoolStops for 20+ years on BMX, MTB, and now, 'Cross.
Just replaced the crappy Avid pads on my Ion with salmon Slim Line KoolStops.


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