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after being 'cross-curious' for quite a while now I finally took the plunge and bought a cx frame. Not having any money left over for any new parts I'm going to have to recycle bits off my road bike. The frame comes with cx friendly chainset, and brakes, and tyres. Everything else will be from my road bike (shifters/mechs/bars etc). Please excuse my new-ness, but would it be ok to use the wheels from my road bike? I'm hoping it is as I can't afford new wheels (or anything else) until the frame is paid for! The wheels are entry level Campag Khamsin's. I see Campag do a CX version of the Khamsin but can't really see a difference. Is the rim wider? What will be the maximum width tyre I could use on my Khamsin's?

Also, bars? I use 42cm c-c bars on my road bike, should I be looking at 44cm?? What shape?


Finally (for now), not may people appear to use Campagnolo? is there a reason for this? Only ask as I'm a Campag fan and that's what I'll be using from my donor road bike.


Aarrghh!!! so many questions.


Thanks in advance for your replies, from a newbie in the UK





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Use can re-use you road wheels, no problem at all.


Use the same bars as your road bike. People used to go wider but I don't much see the point any more. And the less adaption between your road and 'cross bike the better (within reason).


Campag didn't offer a lot of 'cross specific options (rings esp). Plus it's pretty expensive on what can be a person's 5th bike or so.

Thanks Chris.


I think you will be fine w your road wheels. Most folks here in thestates run road wheels w, cx tires no problems. Cross wheels are generally wider but only the cat 2' and 1 really would notice. As for campy, there only recently came out w cross specific parts and that is why they havnt been so popular in the past. They might get more popular but I expect the majority to stay w SRAM or shimano. Cross is hard on derailures and campy can be tough to fix by sourceing parts or replacing. With shimano or SRAM it is easier to take advantage of neutral wheels in the pits, and easier to fix bits at the races. I have seen the SRAM truck at races, but never a campy truck. Many shop mechanics and shops carry SRAM or shimano bits, but not so much on keeping campy in stock. I loved the feel of campy also but gave it up for SRAM on both cross and road.

Good luck

I did essentially the same thing a year ago. I had an extra road bike when I bought my new and improved road bike so I decided to take my components from my old roadie and transfer them to a CX frame. It sounds like you've already got the different brakes covered so you're good to go. CX specific bikes do tend to have different front gear rings than road bikes, like 48/36 instead of 50/34, but I've been fine with the 50/34. I actually took off the 50 tooth gear since I never used in in races. Don't over think it too much. Just go get some knobbies and have some fun.

Thanks chaps.

Now all I need is for my frame and forks to arrive from Italy and I'm good to go. I'm hoping it would have arrived today but that's looking unlikely now. I'm off work all next week though so guess what I'll be up to..................................if it arrives!


Ask away! I know I have, and I have noticed that Chris Mayhew (among others) has been very good about helping not only myself but quite a few people here.

As for the Campy bits - go right ahead. Several guys I go up against run full Campy setups. Most 'cross guys are using pretty much the same wheels they would for road, so that part is good,too.

Like another person mentioned, get some 'cross tires and go!


Glad to see another person catching the CX bug!


Count me in the "Campy/CX" camp, i've been running '06-model Campy Chorus on my bike for about 4 years now, and love it!  One thing in particular - once the wear & tear catches up w/ your shifter/derailleur, you can have it rebuilt instead of having to buy a new one ($60 for a shifter rebuild every few years, or $200+ for new shifters??).  Also, the only difference between the Khamsin and Khamsin CX are the sealed bearings, not enough of a difference to spring for new wheels at this stage


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