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I ran across this adapter while surfing bike parts porn (a fetish in the dark world of bike porn).  It seems as if this conversion thingamajig will convert a non-rear disc mountain?? bike frame into a disc enabled frame.  Two sizes are available, 145mm and 170mm, and I'm not sure if this could cross (pun not intended) over into the CX world, but if they can make it for the troglodytes they can make it for anyone.  :)

Thoughts from the collective?


More talent than any one human or Vader should have!  Enjoy

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Strikes me as a horrendous idea. Frames need to be designed around disc brakes. And why put a disc brake on the brake with the least stopping power?

If you switch to a disc enabled fork you could run disc's on both front and rear (very necessary for those of us with OCD, but a limited budget). :)

I agree about the frame needing to be designed around the disc; I guess MTB frames are just more robust for obvious reasons and could handle such a conversion better than a CX frame.

I admit that I've entertained the idea of just running a disc fork and TRP 8.4 rear on my B/CX/mountain bike (aka - TANK), but haven't fully committed to the whole disc thing just yet.  Maybe next season, maybe never, who knows.


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