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Just did my first race Sunday and noticed on sharp turns my front wheel would clip the front of my shoe. Typical or what needs adjusted?

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Toe overlap happens with some CX frames, especially those with shorter top tubes. If it didn't cause you to crash or stop you from turning, don't worry about it.It's a small price to pay for a bike that is easier to throw around. If it stopped you from turning, though, you may need a larger frame.

One way to get around this is to keep your outside pedal in the 6 o'clock position when turning (i.e. keep your right pedal down when turning left and vice-versa). If it's a turn that you have to pedal through, like a slow 180, you may have to ratchet the pedals a little.

I assume that it only happened at slow speeds, right?

Congrats on doing your first race! Are you hooked?

Thanks for the insight! Am I hooked? I've done nothing at work this week except find other races in my area. I'm bummed actually, I might only be able to do 5 more. I was also on my bike on a cross country course both Monday and last night. That's more than I've been on my cx bike in a year. A lot of that might have to do w finishing 3 rd to last on Sunday. :) But, yes I'd say I'm hooked! Awesome experience!

Congrats on your first race!! When I bought my bike and was test riding it, my toe would rub as well. When I asked about it Aaron said it was because my bike has a smaller frame.  He said if I steer with my hips (sounds funny right?) that the toe rubbing will stop. I haven't had any problems since. :)  My first "race" was last tuesday, and I'm hooked! 

Congrats on your race, that is great to hear! Thank you also for the advice! I'm sure I'll get it figured out.

I'm still getting it figured out! This is my first season in cross.  The amount of bruises I have is ridiculous! lol

i came home from my first race this year (8th ever) with a cut on my shin??? where did that come from? too much fun to be had out there :)

I had a Kelly frame that was sized right for me but bumped my foot occasionally in the 3/9 o'clock  pedal position. Basically, you just learn to keep your feet out of the way. The only time I ever really had an issue was with tight switchbacks.


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