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Noob to cross and bikes - opinion on the new Felt CX bikes?

I've posted this in a couple different forums so please forgive me if you've read this before!

Hi! I'm a noob to cross and could use all the advice I can get! (Also Hello from Boston cause I'm new to the forum too!)

I've been searching the internet for days now and can't seem to dig up any info on these bikes (reviews). Anyone have experience riding these guys? I'm just getting into cross with not a TON of money to drop. I'm thinking of getting a cross bike and selling my commuter. That being said, the ability to put fenders and a rack on it key for me.

I went to my local shop to take a look at the new CX bikes Felt is putting out, particularly the F95X (it'll be easy to set up fenders/rack on these guy).

The duder at the shop was trying to sell me on last years model, the F60X, for the same price as the F95X. There have been some changes made, particularly the F60X is a higher geared bike. Since I'm new to cross I don't know what to make of these changes. The F95X is about 3 pounds lighter.



I was also looking at the breed but then wondering how nuts I'd have to be to race a SS cx bike.


Any advice you guys could give would be really helpful. I don't have much of a cross community here yet but am looking to make new friends soon!

Thanks so much!


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Felt makes some pretty decent bikes. I haven't ridden the two bikes your looking at, but I have ridden the 15X. I believe the frame geometries are the same, the fork is different and obviously the component groups are different (that RED component group was sweet). The 15X was my 2nd favorite cross bike I rode at Interbike, the Stevens CX bike was the only one that topped it. Not sure if it helps much but I've found Felt to make good bikes at a decent price.
Thanks so much Hamilton. I have a specialized now and was considering the tri-cross but stumbled upon Felt and really like what they had as well. Good to hear you had good experiences.

Do you have any opinion on an 18 speed vs a 27 speed? Or the 18 speed being about 3 pounds lighter? 3 pounds seems like it could make a lot of difference. Not sure about the gears though since I'm someone who doesn't use my gears as much as I should.
18 is plenty, you don't need a triple crankset for 'cross. It is nice for trail riding at times, but you'll never use that granny gear in a 'race.
I guess my major concern is this.

On the 09 we have these components:
CRANKSET: Shimano FC-R453 Triple, 3 piece, Forged Aluminum, 50/39/30T
SHIFTERS: Shimano Tiagra STI, 27 Speed
FRONT DERAILLEUR: Shimano Sora 31.8mm clamp-on, triple, 9 Speed
REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano 105 GS Long Cage
RIMS: MAVIC CXP-22N Aluminum Rim with Machined UB Control Braking Surface and Wear Indicator laced 3-Cross Rear, Radial 0-Cross Front

And on the 2010 we have these:
Crankset: FSA VERO Double, 3-PC, Forged Aluminum, 48T/34T
Shifters: Shimano Sora STI, 18 Speed
Front Derailleur: Shimano Sora 31.8mm clamp-on, double, 9 Speed
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tiagra SS Short Cage
Rims: Alex R500 Aluminum Rim, Machined CSW Braking Surface & Wear Indicator laced 3-Cross Rear, Radial 0-Cross Front

I know those 2010 components are pretty crappy. I also know it's not necessary to run a triple crankset like they have the 2009 set up.

Is running a triple going to hinder me in any way? I'm pretty much thinking my components are going to be pretty mediocre on a 1000 to 1200 dollar bike until I can upgrade anyway so for now do I go with the double for now?

If you plan on racing, lighter will probably be better, as you inevitably get very tired pedaling and carrying a heavier bike. That said, I would much prefer the paddle-shifter of the Tiagra over the thumb-lever of the Sora shifters, but that may just be personal preference.

If they're actually 3 lbs different (seems like more weight than should be in the cranks and rear derailleur), I'd go lighter. If they're really much closer in weight, I'd go for the Tiagra.
I agree with Yeager. Get the lightest bike you can afford. Do not worry about the gearing on the double. In fact many of the courses I race on in NorCal I can leave it in the big ring.


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