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Anyone have any experience with these wheels yet? -

The 18 spoke count for the front has me a little concerned. It might be better to buy 2 of the 24 hole rims and build them up.

We are on the fence between getting these or going tubular.  Any thoughts?

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i have seen a few sets built a few different ways. one problem that seems somewhat consistent is chronic de-tensioning due to tire pressure.

realize it is a meager extrusion and spoke tension is even more integral than it would be with a stronger rim.

word on the street is that this is a limited problem and that most of the production wheels will not loose much more than 10 KGF after the tire is inflated.

i for one am counting on this being addressed by their mfg because i want a ztr bead hook to use with my stans tubeless CX tires because it feelsas good as tubulars on 90% of all the courses and trails i have ridden
I am going to try laced into 32 hole Dura Ace hubs. Should be light and inexpensive.
Rims are a bit pricey at $120/each and the low tension does have some issues. I would probably get the 32h rims and lace them up traditionally.

I have a set of 28h for road and they are nice and light but have tension issues. You can't jack up the tension because the rims starts to warp and you can't get it true.
Fairwheel is building me a set of 28's laced to DT Swiss 240s. This is the first I've heard of any problems with the 340 Alphas but then again since they're fairly new I haven't heard much of anything about them. I'm pretty sure you can only buy the rims themselves in 28 or 32 hole. The first post says buying 24 holes but you cant.
Jeff, 24 rear and 20 or 18 front is how stans sells them complete, as well as ligero wheel works and I think I9 is going to offer 18/24 in them.
You said the same thing I did. You can only buy a 28 or 32 by themselves, all other sizes are sold as completes by Stans. I just read : There is also a wider cyclocross rim in the works with "an eye towards tyre stability and ride quality".

Interesting but I'm sure it will be a little heavier.
Stan" is currently out of stock on 28H & 32h rims. Hopefully we will have more in about 5 weeks. The Pro & Team wheel sets are available. The Comp model should be available then end of August.


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