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Hello everyone,

I am just curious what everyone thinks about an online cycling store?  OK with it?  Love it?  Hate it?  I personally feel that there is no harm to the LBS.  I would never buy a complete bike online, but I would purchase the frame, components, and accessories.  I like the option of being able to order something I want, anytime I want.  And I can have it delivered to my front door, or my office.  I do make sure that it's a trusted site and that there are product reviews available.

What are your thoughts?

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I totally agree with the pricing. Not every online customer is looking for the lowest price (although most are), they are still looking for value. Look at Zappos for instance. They don't have the lowest prices on the planet, but they market well, and have dedication to customer service and protecting quality. We definitely do not want to saturate the market. That would only harm the sport of cycling and its community and then no one would benefit.

I agree that Competitive Cyclist has done a good job and they are probably the front runner at this point, but they have a lot to learn as well. Considering that e-tailing has been around for quite some time, the cycling market is still an adolescent and it will be quite some time before that changes.


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