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I've been racing mtb for a long time, just bought a cx bike, and am eagerly looking forward to racing cross this season. I'm looking for lighter/better tires then what came on my bike: right now the wire bead tiers are about 485 grams each! Because our mtb team is sponsored by kenda I'd like to give their cx offerings a try (and save a few bucks). I have many miles on the SM8 tires for mtb, but know nothing about how their kwicker and kommando tires perform. Do any of you have experience with kenda's cx tires? I'm tempted to just order a pair of all three, but then again my frugal side is hesitant to spend when I could be saving. Any suggestions?

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I have the small block 8s on a set of clinchers wheels. I did some training and a couple of races on them last year. They're good tires for dry fast courses. Once things get a little wet or slippery they lose their appeal for me. And in mud they plugged up pretty quickly. They work well in situations where file treads would be useful.
Dittos on the Small Block 8s
OK for dry hard-pack, pavement, dirtroads.
NOT good for damp conditions, grass, mud, sand. (Sketchy cornering on grass. Tread not very good at clearing mud/debris.)
I use a SB8 on the rear of my mtb bike for dry and hardack trails, boy do they roll well but you're spot on as far as the tread packing easily. I found their cornering ability was markedly improved by running them tubeless and experimenting to match air pressure to the course. Even then, they're a little sketchy as a front tire.
yeah, guess you don't have an issue 3 but the comments below have mostly repeated what was said in CXM's comprehensive tire reviews (almost every tire). fast rolling on hard pack. good as tubeless btw. kommando is great in all but the nastiest stuff. kwicker...hmm...

back copies avail (just a few left)
Any chance that golden article will ever appear online? It is probably the most useful article in the history of the magazine, unfortunately my copy got lost.


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