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Picked up my new crux yesterday, (starburst so i'm excited).  Had the shop slap an old drive-train on it but went for some mini-v's this time around.  On my shakedown ride yesterday i noticed the great stopping power.  I also noticed the pads were setup insanely close to the rims.

I'm expecting a somewhat muddy race this weekend, should I release a little cable from the anchor bolt to give myself some more clearance or is this how these are supposed to be setup?  Thanks, any help is appreciated.

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They run pretty close to the rim, not much wiggle room.  Less clearance is the tradeoff for better stopping power.  If you are not comfortable with messing with it yourself take it down to your LBS let them know you are planning on a muddy race and see what they can do for you.

For more info see:

Here's some info I got from TRP last year:
"As to your set up, here are a few hints…
1. Try running little or no toe-in on the pads. This avails you of a little bit more clearance from the rim, which helps modulation
2. Adjust the spring tension – often I will simply re-tension the springs on the lever arms to help maintain alignment. It’s as simple as unclipping the cable and slipping the spring out from behind the lever arm, then bend it slightly to re-tension.
3. Run the pads nearly to the rims..this offers an earlier lever engagement and a quicker response. You won’t have to pull to the bar anymore."

I love these brakes so much I have delayed purchasing a disc-equipped 'cross bike.

I have CX8.4s as well.  I have to keep them very tight on the rims to get the stopping power I want.  Otherwise the pull distance gets very long and I am burying my shifters into the bar tape and/or my fingers if I'm in the drops.  The next time I'm in there to change the bar tape I'm going to experiment with some compressionless housings. 

I took a disc-equipped bike and retrofitted it to use TRP 8.4s. No regrets...a great brake.

I ran them a bit loose in muddy races but they clean quickly after one rotation of the wheel. I wouldn't worry about clearance unless you notice it's an issue in a race. I rode very muddy races in them and didn't have any problems.


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