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Just bought a pair of Challenge Latex tubes to lighten my clincher set up and have been told they'll give a more supple ride. Got to thinking, does anyone know if you can patch em if you pinch flat (heard they're less likely to pinch flat too) or get a thorn?

Let me know if you just use the same ol patch kit as you do for a rubber tire....kinda doubt it for some reason.


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I just ordered the same thing from Cyclocross World - have you ridden them yet? If so, how were they?

I found this regarding patching a tubular tire with a latex tube, I assume this would work for clinchers as well.

Scroll down to where it says, "Patching"

I hope this helps.

I will give them a try tomorrow for the maiden voyage. Will file a report!
These tubes ROCK! They made my clinchers feel sooo much more supple/compliant. Was running lower PSI for our somewhat greasey course today in Louisville, CO and they were sweet. Even better yet, I hit the abrubt edge of the cement coming out of the sand volleyball pit. Normally, with that low of pressure, i would have been finished from a flat b/c I felt it hit the rim but not today, I keep gunning FSA. Oh, did i mention it took nearly 100g off each wheel from the Continental tubes I've been runnning? It was evident in the extra acceleration/power i had today in a 95% wet grass course. My frickin chain broke a little over halfway through the race and I hit the cement hard (DNF) but I left pumped from the newfound Love with my Latex!Get yer self some!

Sounds like it was a good find. I just got mine in the mail today. Gonna give them a test run this week and try them out at a couple local races this weekend.
Just got my Challenge Latex tubes mounted up and there's this weird rattle that sounds like something is rolling around in the tube. It's on both wheels so it's not an isolated thing. Did you experience this? It's really weird.

Let me know - I'm going to write Cyclocrossworld (where I purchased them) to see if they've heard anything.
Nothing of the sorts Gary. Is it perhaps the valve stem rattling around in the rim hole? Since they are more flexible, maybe they dont put as much pressure on something that has been loose already. What kind of rims as I had mine in Mavic Open Pro?

Keep me posted.....
it sounds more like someone put a small ball bearing inside the tube and it's rolling around. I'm going to pull them off tonight and see if I can see anything in the tube. It's definitely not the valve stem, although that is a little loose due to the supple nature of the tubes. They are mounted on Mavic Aksium wheels and I've never heard anything before with the usual butyl tubes. Strange...

On a side note, did you put electrical tape on the inside of the rim to protect the tube from the rough edge of the valve hole? I saw on a few posts that people using latex tubes have used this method to prevent the soft tube from puncturing on the edge of the valve hole. I didn't do it, but I might, just to be safe.
Very Strange. Let me know what you find out on the noise.

I did not put elec tape around the valve hole but will look into it. Thanks for the tip, anything to save a heartache during a race!
So I talked to someone at cxworld and they said it was a bit of talc that had solidified and was rolling around in the tube. It's not a big deal, they said to either remove the valve core and dump it out or just leave it. I think I'm just going to leave it. I'm going to try them out at a race tomorrow, we'll see how it goes.
Yeah, I have the same noise in a Grifo Tubular. Came that way so I just assumed it was something from the production, doesn't seem to bother anything.
Guess I get my first experience at patching them. Not sure why the sealant isnt plugging the hole, it's not a fast leak. I've ready everything from using the same butyl patch kit with vulcanizing glue to a glueless patch like one of those green Slime patches. Will let you know...
I had my first pinch flat with these on Sunday in a race, but I suspect that I was not paying enough attention to the bead of the tire and must have caught the tube between the rim and sidewall. I replaced it and have been training on the replacement for a few days with no problems. I guess Cyclocross World got a new batch from Challenge and the tubes are slightly different. I received a few yesterday and here are my initial observations: Tubes are a brighter red and the latex seems thicker and more uniform. The valve stems are shorter and the packaging is different (the tubes have an oily residue on them.) I don't think they have the power problem inside the tube. If they feel or perform differently ill update the post.


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