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Anyone out there set up with these for the season - particularly the Paul's?  I have yet to see the the Mini Moto's in person, and I wanted some real world impressions, especially vs. the TRP's. 

I've been running cheap Tektro RX5's for the past few months, and I love the braking performance, but the return spring mech is a bit finicky.  Always liked the return spring action on the Paul Canti's, but was never thrilled with the actual braking performance.  Tyring to decide if it's worth it to step up to either the Paul's or TRP's over the Tektro's...

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I cannot speak for the Pauls, but the TRP's are the bizzness! I am running the older model (CX9) and they are great. Stopping power that will blow your mind (compared to your cheap tektro's). They also completely eliminate any fork chatter as they are mounted directly over the wheel instead of having a head-tubes worth of cable between the pull and the brake. I promise you wont be disappointed.


Both are really nice products. I dont see how you could go wrong with either. For me Id go with the TRPs since i run their cantis. Id look at the price/weight factor to see which to buy...

The Paul's are even more beautiful in person than in pictures. They do great work, and you have more mud clearance than any other mini-v, and are a bit lighter, too. However, they are almost twice as much as the TRP's.
I'm still using the Tektro 926A, which gives me more than enough stopping power, even on the road. IF I could afford them, I'd go for the Paul's.


I had Tektros on my Felt F75 and hated them---especially on the road.  Absolutely no stopping power.  Switched to TRP and WOW!  Amazing power.  You won't be disappointed

Interesting, my Tektro's stop really well (with Kool Stop salmons), and they're actually what converted me to V's. The only issue I have is not lack of power, but a "fussy" return spring action. And, coming from Paul's cantis, well, those things are just awesome from a machining and finishing standpoint. I just wondered how the TRP's compared...

Do you guys with Mini-V's run into any trouble going to different wheelsets? Like if you change wheels and they're different from what you had set up the brakes for. I've been running the trp 8.4 during the offseason and really like them, they actually stop, no fork rattle, etc. But now that racing is almost here, I tried to go out on my tubular wheelset and it almost seems like I have to re-install the brakes!!! Did not see this coming and now I am wondering if I should go back to the canti's. I usually keep my clinchers in the pit. 

Both wheelsets are ksyriums by the way, so they aren't extremely different wheelsets...


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