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I'm trying to set up cross bike up as close to my road bike as possible, at least for saddle height.

The Time ATAC pedals and cleats combined with Specialized Comp MTB shoes have a much higher stack hight that the Look Keo pedals and cleats I use on the road. Does anybody have any idea what the difference actually is? My saddle clearly needs to be quite a bit higher on the cross bike to achieve the same position as the road.


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Cross bike is not a road bike. Set it up for cross.
maybe in a bit more specific terms, setting up your cross bike like your road bike seems like a good idea, but you do not ride your road bike like a cross bike. Terrain and jumping on and off. Look to go a cm or two lower on saddle height and maybe one in reach from tip of saddle to center of least t is a good starting point. The efforts you put into your cross bike in a race or training will not be the same as on the road.

Your body will not be damaged with a higher pedal stack height, lower saddle, etc.

Just give it a shot and work from there.

Good luck.
i'd leave it alone. you want a slightly shorter saddle on the 'cross bike.

moreover, saddle height is a range, not an exact number.
see here for more on that, specifically post number forty six.
your leg length and arm length and body length is the same whether on a road bike or a cross bike, its impossible to set it up like your road bike because the cross frame geometry is not the same.
start by setting the front of your saddle 1/2 inch further back behind the bottom bracket than on a road bike.
then get 2 pieces of welding rod. the first one is cut to the length of the front of the saddle to the back of your handlebars on your road bike.
the second, from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle by the front.
the other measurement you need is the height of the top of the bars below the top of the saddle height
always remember to set the saddle parrallel to the ground with your race wheels in and the tyres at the same pressure.
using your 2 cut welding rods and the saddle to bars drop, transfer them onto your cross bike. then its a case of fine tuning the saddle height bar height and h/bar stem length. 1/8th inch can make enormous difference to saddle/bar height length, also thick shorts padding have the same effect.
Ideally, your cross bike should be a bit smaller than your road unit. The statement that you can run your seat a cm or two lower without damaging yourself is possibly the dumbest thing I've heard today. Sure, maybe 5mm lower or so is fine, but 15-20mm will jack up your knees. Ask me how I know...

Run the cockpit shorter for more control. Run your bars a bit higher for the same reason. Your seat height should be pretty close to the same as your road bike. It will feel 'smaller', as your bars are closer to you and higher...
I finally got my cross bike professionally fit a couple weeks ago. I'm very glad I had it done since I had it more like my road bike in the past. An article from today's Velonews summarizes the primary changes/differences....

Here's the word from a pro...Adam Myerson, if you're curious...
get someone to measure the "flex" or bend in your knee on your road bike and transfer that to your cross bike.
That might be a good starting point for your cross bike.
But your cross bike set up should not be exactly the same, at least in my opinion.
Mine are close but there are some areas that should be different.
try the Specialized fit - which is very good.


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