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I've been riding SPDs that are about 10+ yrs old and are dying, so looking for my next set of pedals.  I have heard the Time's are pretty nice in that they don't (or hardly) get clogged.  Anyone have any experience with them they can share?

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Time's are my pedal of choice.
used to ride Time exclusively, but now crank bros, they clog less than time, and seem to have less flex...
Long-time TIME user here. They are good pedals...until you have an issue and need customer service. I would rate TIME as having the worst customer service I have experienced in the bike industry. Crank Brothers Eggs are lighter, just as good in the mud, and they stand behind their product.
Any energy transfer loss using the eggbeaters? They look kinda thin.
Issue 7(I think) has a pedal review including all popular CX pedals. Pros all race SPF, time and eggbeater are similar to me, tho I prefer Time ATAC. I'm now on Look Quartz v.2 for a more stable platform=better power transfer ( and light too).


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