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I'm a long-time Speedplay user on the road, and was given a pair of Eggbeaters to try for cross.  I'm setting up my first cross bike with a Major Jake frame and 180mm DA 7800 cranks.  I tend to ride a bit heel-in, and my right heel hits the rd cable stop.  I'll also probably have a bit of heel rub on the crank arms, which would be nice to avoid.  The threaded ends of the eggbeater pedal spindles are a little short, so I don't want to add washers.  I could add one spacer under the right BB cup, but I'd prefer to find some pedals with either longer spindles, or where the cleat has some lateral adjustment on the shoe.   Obviously they should be easy to get in and out of, mud-clearing, and well-sealed.  I'd like some free float, but either adjustable or not too great of a release angle.

I know Shimano pedals have an adjustable cleat.  Any thoughts on Bebop?  I know Speedplay offers longer spindles for the road pedals, but I don't know about the Frogs.  Others I should look at?

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Something to consider here:

1) Crank Bros. have an optional short spindle kit that moves the pedal closer to the crank arm to reduce "Q Factor"-does your pedals have the SS kit installed? (Check the spindle measurement against there web site)

2) Crank Bros. allow 1 space behind the pedal during assembly, they recommend you use them if running Carbon Cranks. I have been running 1 washer behind my Egg beaters for about 5yrs now without any problems
Thanks for the reply. I'm sure these are the standard spindles, but I might try a washer. I have a pair of Time ATACs that I can also try, to see if the Q is any wider.


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