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Port Adelaide CC's second cyclocross race for 2011: Sunday 22 May

Here's a quick race report to try to counter some of the northern hemisphere CX withdrawal symptoms.  If you want to see more head over to our website


It's well and truly autumn here (fall) and Sunday we held Adelaide's (South Australia) second CX race. By second race, I literally mean the second. Ever.  It's all new to us. Hardly anyone knows what they are doing! With the obvious exception of our imported guru, Neil Ross (former head of Canadian National Cycling Centre and married to Tara Ross), and a couple of US and European visitors.  We have the support of Focus Bikes, SRAM, and Select Physiotherapy for PACC's FOCUS CX & THE CITY cyclocross series and we race in the Adelaide Park Lands, which is a mile of parks which entirely ring the Adelaide CBD.  We are in a section of the park that is mostly lawn, with bitumen bike paths, gravel and mud maintenance tracks, and mulched wooded areas.

We had strong growth in rider numbers over last month's race, with over 75 riders entering the second event, and 36 riders lining up for A-grade, with some gun MTB and roadies alike trying out CX.  It had been raining overnight and the morning's temp peaked at 14C (57F) which is pretty cold for us, there was a pretty strong wind blowing making life pretty hard for the half dozen of us that spent 2 hrs taping up the course prior to race start.

We ran 4 races, MTB/Open (for non CX bikes, which included one unicycle), Kidz 'come n try', CX-B (which includes all women) and CX-A.

In CX-B with a smaller field Margaret 'The American' Shanafield (originally from Reno Wheelmen, now in Port Adelaide CC) out hustled and out heckled Stephen Kirby, who is better known for bike bike polo exploits, finishing ahead of Jeremy Smith, Gemma Kernich and Paul Zalkauskas, all better known for their summer track riding.

Madge wore down her opponent with taunts such as "you'd taste better if you were a jelly baby" and "you've got a flat tyre, sugar".  Serves Stephen right for wearing a Team Jelly Belly kit.  In his first B-Grade cameo, Neil Ross takes a starring role sneaking in some run up practice. Cheered on by the drunken and rowdy masses, he slings his FOCUS bike in true CX style, to rapturous applause. Yes, we Aussies are happy drinking beer from longnecks (750ml) at breakfast time.

In A-Grade Neil Ross, Aron Huysmans (former pro wintering from Belgium) Mark Chadwick, Shaun Lewis, James Hanus and Josh Smith all looked like early contenders from the starter's whistle. Youth looked like winning over experience with Hanus going out hard from the gun and leading the first two of 6 laps with a reasonable gap, only to fade in the second half of the race.  The others worked together well and there were a few attacks but no one really could get away.  Smith, who crashed four times in last month's race and still managed third, only fell twice this time and still managed to hang on to the leaders despite the blistering pace.

Unfortunately lapped riders became a factor late in the race, with Lewis being chopped and crashing with only 500m to go.  Lean came through with a clear margin after a late lap surge, over Huysmans, Smith, Ross and Lewis.  Lean tricked the commissaires who kept ringing the bell, but you get the idea from the video:



CX-A 6 Laps
Position Race # First Last Gender Class Club  
1 24 Jade Lean M CXA NCC  
2 36 Aron Huysmans M CXA NCC  
3 3 Josh Smith M CXA ACC  
4 2 Neil Ross M CXA PACC  
5 32 Shaun Lewis M CXA PERMIT  
6 1 Mark Chadwick M CXA SHM  
7 7 Andrew Spanner M CXA PACC  
8 5 Harley Johnstone M CXA SLCC  
9 21 James Hanus M CXA NCC  
10 8 Erinn Klein M CXA PACC  
11 33 Graeme Moffett M CXA PACC  
12 20 Callum Scotson M CXA PACC  
13 19 Jonathan Rehrmann M CXA PERMIT  
14 23 David Miller M CXA PACC  
15 6 Lea Holland M CXA PERMIT  
16 9 Ian Appleby M CXA PERMIT  
17 30 Frank Smith M CXA NCC  
18 29 Jon Herd M CXA ?  
19 28 David Hughes M CXA PERMIT  
20 12 Bert Heathwood M CXA PERMIT  
21 35 Dave Gartelmann M CXA PERMIT  
22 10 Justin Bessell M CXA PACC  
23 34 David Rawlins M CXA NCC  
24 16 Iain Jones M CXA PACC  
25 15 Kristian Didyk M CXA PACC  
26 11 Michael Johnson M CXA NCC  - 1 Lap
27 13 David Filcoff M CXA PERMIT  - 1 Lap
28 17 Paul Inglis M CXA PERMIT  - 1 Lap
29 14 Jude Scarborough M CXA PERMIT  - 1 Lap no seatpost!
30 31 Paul Suter M CXA PERMIT  - 1 Lap
31 18 Tim  McEvoy M CXA PACC  - 1 Lap
32 27 Colin Liddle M CXA PERMIT  - 1 Lap
33 26 Sean McKay M CXA PACC  - 1 lap
DNS 25 Ben Hogarth M CXA PERMIT  



CX-B 3 Laps
Position Race # First Last Gender Class Club  
1 65 Margaret Shanafield F CXB PACC  23:46
2 52 Stephen  Kirby M CXB BISA  
3 61 Jeremy Smith M CXB PACC  
4 54 Gemma  Kernich F CXB PACC  
5 51 Paul Zalkauskas M CXB PACC  
6 64 Sam Parsons M CXB BISA  
7 56 Phillip Deverell M CXB PACC  
8 62 Silvia Schweininger F CXB PACC  
9 55 Darryl Smith M CXB PACC  
10 57 Nicole Merritt F CXB ADFCC  
DNF 63 Emma Ringer F CXB PACC Seatpost Slippage!
DNS 58 Felicity Laing F CXB SLCC  
DNS 59 Tracey Pearce F CXB PACC  

TB 4 Laps
Position Race # First Last Gender Class Club Notes
1 170 Shaun Lewis M MTB PERMIT  30:34
2 151 Bryce Dolman M MTB PACC  
3 165 Ben Samy M MTB PERMIT  
4 152 Daniel Searson M MTB PACC  
5 154 Russell Johnstone M MTB FBCC  
6 171 Hamish Franks M MTB PERMIT  
7 166 Joshua Sear M MTB PACC  
8 155 Jeremy Miller M mtb BISA  
9 169 Amanda Steele* F MTB PACC  
10 160 Samara Farrell* F MTB PACC  
11 157 Ed Westrich M MTB PACC  - 1 lap
12 162 Lee-Anne Fleming* F MTB PACC  - 1 lap
13 168 Kay  Haarsma F MTB    - 1 lap
14 164 Tessa Manning* F MTB CDCC  - 1 lap
15 163 Belinda Bramley* F MTB SLCC  - 1 lap
16 167 Graham Gower M MTB PACC  - 4 laps UNICYCLE!
DQ 158 Lynette Collins* F MTB SLCC Got lost!
DNF 156 Billy Belton M MTB PERMIT  
DNF 159 Kenny Dudek M MTB ?  
DNS 153 Scott Bradley M MTB PACC  
DNS 161 Chris Mack M MTB PACC  30:35





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Very Nice! That run-up looks like a bear
This looks fantastic! I've never been so jealous of a country strictly for it's seasons before... great job bringing CX to Australia!! (And excellent race report)

Next Race 26 June!  This time, proper mud and a SPIRAL OF DEATH.  Will give you summery people an update shortly after.

Out club will have awesome hoodies for sale too, incase anyone over the pond is interested...




Rider's view of a lap of our last course.  Other than the lack of mud and snow, how does it compare...?

And again, our last course.

Although the racing is in Australia, Men's winner was Neil Ross (Canada) and womens' Margaret Shanafield (USA)


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