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Hi all, I am looking for an accurate pressure gauge that will measure low pressure.  When Katie Compton came to Indy last year for the cx clinic, she used a battery powered craftsman handheld air compressor.  After pricing it out with the battery etc it was well over $100 and to be honest, I dont really trust craftsman power tools.  Not that price is my issue, but i want something ultra accurate.  Any experiences?

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I wouldn't get to hung up on a pressure gauge. Unless it is the only pump you will ever use the gauge is only relative to itself and the pressure meaningless if you ever use a different pump. Instead I would suggest getting used to what you want the tire to "feel" like and go off of more or less pressure. Jonathan Page when asked what pressure he runs often responds that he has no idea because he goes off of more or less - he says one or two; meaning on tap or two taps of the valve stem to let air out. When I pitted for Erwin Vervecken at the USGP in Madison he never looked at the pressure gauge, he just rode laps until the pressure felt right for the conditions, bounced up and down on the front end, then looked at me and said make those (his other wheels) like this. A lot of people will have a pressure range that they like to start out at and move down from there, what pressure they start at is rarely the pressure they are racing at come start time, as they are letting pressure out on the course during pre-ride.

That being said I love my Craftsman and the gauge is plenty accurate enough for a starting pressure range.

And if you really must have an accurate dial gauge - Meisner Accugauge - is what you want. They make a 30 psi max range dial gauge that is accurate but a bit fragile - ie don't drop it.
Thanks for you experience Mike. Pressure is very important to me and I want more accuaracy vs. trusting my thumbs feeling on a race day. Since I primarily race mountain and cross, my pressure is typically in the 20 - 26 psi range and it may be worth it to invest in one device for both. You said you do like your craftsman, but once you add it up with the battery, charging stand, presta chuck, it comes out to around $200. Am adding it up right?


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