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Problems with Shimano Wheels & Hutchinson Tubeless. Help!

I have had great experience with mountain bike tires and Stan's and have been using Crest rims on my mountain bike with non tubeless Maxxis tires with no issues.

However, I have had nothing but bad luck so far with trying tubeless for Cyclocross.

At first, I purchased cyclocross rim strips from Stan's to use in the stock OEM wheels on my Cannondale CaadX Rival. Rims are Maddux rims, 32 hole, basic alloy rim. I also bought Hutchinson Bulldog CX tires w/ the carbon beads.

Tires were impossible to mount with stock rim strip plus stan's strip. Both me and the LBS could not install the tires until we removed the stock rim strip and ran the stan's strip by itself. However, I couldn't get the tires to seal.

After much difficulty, I decided to purchase Shimano tubeless ready wheels, the Ultegra 6700 wheelset. The Hutchinsons mounted great without the stan's strips and sealed up. I went on one ride and I was stoked. I ran them 45 psi in the rear and 40 psi in the front. They worked great and survived goatheads, cambers, grassy turns etc. HOWEVER, The next day, the front tire had blown off the rim spewing Stan's sealant everywhere. The bead on the tire was bent and warped and impossible to re-seat on the rim.

Sorry for the long post but my questions are the following:

When using tubeless ready wheels, should I still use Stan's rim strips?
Is Stan's sealant not recommended with Hutchinson CX tires? Is the warping and bending of the bead due to the sealant? (I was pretty agressive with the tire installation when I tried using OEM rims w/ Stan's strip. Is it possible I damaged the beads?)
If I purchased Stan's CX tires like the Raven, can I use them in the Shimano tubeless wheels? With or without Stan's rim strip?

If anyone has had any experience like mine, let me know.


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Tough to tell but I'd guess that you damaged your tires bead initially. I run the same setup but with Caffe Latex and haven't had any problems. I doubt that the Stan's is the culprit. No reason to use rim strips with the Ultegra rims.

Hey there, I had a similar question and a guy named Derek (in CA.)helped me out.   this was his response....

"In my opinion (as with my experience with MTB tubeless) almost any tire will work out pretty well. The most important thing is building up the inside of the rim so that the bead of the tire can lock into the rim properly. If you achieve this, you will be in tubeless bliss. If you don't, there will be too much room for the bead to slip around and you will burp."
So I am running a Velocity a23 rim with two strips of stans tape (No rim tape) and a mtb 25-27mm stans Ryno rim strip.  A cross strip should be fine for your rim since the width of the inside is 19-21mm.  My A23 is 23mm wide so the wide mtb strip stretched out works great.  Building up the base is important to prevent the bead from pushing down.
Hopefully this helps!  
You may have damaged the bead???


Thanks for your input guys. Yeah, I think I damaged the beads. When I tried to install the tire on the first wheelset (stock Maddux rims with one stan's rim strip), they were so tight I couldn't get them on without using metal tire levers. I snapped my non metal levers and so did the shop. I looked more closely at the bead and the carbon threads are popping out some defects in the bead cover.

Actually, now that I have tubeless dedicated wheels (Shimano Ultegra 6700), the tires are working pretty good. I have the undamaged Hutchinson Bulldog and a Stan's the Raven. I had to seat the Raven with an air compressor but so far so good. I'm running 38 psi up front and 42 in the back.

For the last 2 seasons I have used 6700's or 7850's w/ Hutchinson Bulldog or Piranha, and a little Stan's sealant. Of course Huthinson says to use their sealant but I haven't had a problem with the tire degrading. Always inflate fine with a floor pump and do not lose air. I have never flatted in a cx race. I have purposely avoided the strips and all that stuff, just tried to keep it as simple as possible. you will have to experiment with the tire/rim combo. Or you could email Stan's and ask about compatibility. Unfortunately, rumor has it that Hutchinson will no longer be making cx tubeless tires!?

I did the same thing trying to mount the carbon beaded Hutchinsons to non-tubeless ready rims.  The two just don't mix.  I damaged the bead the same way and it blew off the rim before I hit 30psi. There were tiny slices in the bead from the levers and when it blew the carbon threads came out like spaghetti.  I was setting up Velocity Deep V's to use as a training wheelset.  Two layers of tape and the rim strip...


I decided to try non-tubeless tires on the Deep V's with the rim strip.  It took about 4 layers of tape and the rim strip before the channel was built up enough to seal the bead properly.  They slipped on pretty well, maybe used a plastic lever, the fit was snug.   It took a couple hours of the shaking/flipping process to fully seal the tires.  After two rides and an extra .5oz of sealant they're fully sealed.  I used a Conti up front and the Clement PDX in the back.  It's an awesome setup and has become my pit wheelset.  It's just a little heavy...  


Now, using the Hutchinsons on tubeless ready rims is not a problem, they slide right on and seal right up. No tools, bare hands...  I have set them up on Stans Alphas, Corsa Concepts 1.2ACR, and Fulcrum 1 2-way.  Two layers of rim tape and the universal valve.  Piece of cake. No leaks, no burps, it's the way to go.

I've had very good results mounting Hutchinson Bulldogs (tubeless) tires to Mavic Ksyrium Elite (UST) rims on my cross bike. Last year I ran some Mich Mud 2s and but trouble getting them to seal on these rims.

On my road bike I'm running Hutchinson Fusion 3 (tubeless) tires on Shimano 6700 rims. No problems, except those tires wear out pretty fast. 

I think you don't need tape or rim strips with tubeless-specific rims and tires. Just put in 10-20mm of sealant (I've used both Stans and Caffe Latex, about the same).

I use Pedro's (nylon) tire levers to help pop the tires on (no issues, so far any way).

I hear all the good issues with tubeless but after using both Muds and specialized tubeless on Mavic Ksyrium SSL I  am going back to tubes until I buy a set of tubular rims and tires! Anybody want to buy two cyclocross rims strips!!!


I've run Hutchinson Roadtubeless Intensives on a set of Tubeless ready wheels and had zero issues using the FastAir by Hutchinson. Same hoops, used Stan's sealant and the Hutchinson Bulldog CX  and they'd loose air in 24hrs. From what I could assess, the latex/ammonia based Stan's sealant wouldn't adhear to the inside casing of the Hutchinson tires.


I installed them properly, have been running tubeless for 2 years on the mtb and the Hutchinson tires are the only ones I've seen where after a couple of weeks of having the sealant inside, you could easily wipe the Stans clean from the inside gumming up/sealing going on.


My next step is to run Stan's strips, build up the bed, and use the FastAir sealant, just to see if I can get them to take. The FastAir drys/seals up more like rubber cement than Stan's which is more like latex slime.


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