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Quantify the difference: file tread vs. tractor tread

How much faster is file tread than tractor tread? Can anyone quantify the difference? Will it lose anyone a race? This is assuming that the tires are on a hard-packed early season course free of mud and sand.

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They feel a bit faster but I think it's hard to quantify. What tires are we talking about specifically? I had the Michelin Jets which I *loved* but only felt comfortable running maybe twice a year. (vs Michelin Muds). That said, I'd say they're about as fast as my Grifos and I can't imagine running the Challenge file tread (might as well run a slick!).

So, file tread is reasonable fast but how often are you going to use it and to what tire are you comparing it to?
I think I can quantify this...I have ibike profiles for tufo primus and irc crossblaster which give a cRr of .072 and .087 respectively. I'll do some coast downs w/ the vittoria file treads too.

granted, the tufo is a tubular, but all the wheelsets are 'fairly similar'.

soon I'll be able to do a head to head of the primus/cubus/dry plus via the ibike.

all coast downs are done on the same stretch of dirt and repeated 5 times to reduce variance.


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