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what up people,
I have a question about a wheelset for my specialized tricross singlecross. I have a set of older mavic kysrium elites with the same size rear cassette[as the one already on the bike] that i already converted to a singlespeed. I know the spacing is off and have to re-space the cassette. I am just not sure if the rear wheel/singlespeed spacer combomo is to wide for the frame? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanx Anthony

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I think it's "track spacing" on the rear end. Not sure if that helps. I had to ditch those stock wheels on my Singlecross as well, they blow, so I built up some durable hoops out of Surly hubs, Double butted DT spokes and Mavic open Sport rims. They're not super light but they're tough and they were pretty cheap to build.

good luck
OK, you have to figure out what the spacing of the frame at the rear dropouts is. Most road bikes are spaced at 130mm. Track bikes, a category which the singlecross might fit into, maybe spaced at 120. If the Ksyrium wheels you have are too wide to fit easily in the frame, it's likely that you have a 120 mm spaced frame, since the wheels are likely the road standard of 130.

If that is the case, then it's not simply a matter of respacing the cassette. You should be using a wheel set with a rear spacing of 120mm.

There are some sources out there that talk about cold setting (spreading) the frame to fit the wheels. As far I know the singlecross is aluminum. Cold setting aluminum is NOT recommended by the sources that I would trust.

I'd suggest you look for set of track wheels (or at least a rear) to use.
thanx guys, that is exactly what i was looking for. im gonna investigate some track wheel sets, and look into having some hoops built up!!!
Those Surly Hubs are great and they come in black if you want to keep the all black Singlecross thing going. Curious, have you changed out the stock gearing or the crankset? I put 170's and a 39t on there and have been really happy.
I am building up a rear wheel with dt swiss rr1.1 rim a paul flip flop hub w/28 bladed spokes!!! they dont make the surly hubs in 120mm w/ 28 holes!!! it is gonna look similar to my mavic kysrium up front!!!! I am also gonna put some challenge grifo's for the rubber!!!!! I am fine right now with the gearing, this was suppose to be a budget project, but as you probably know [in cycling]there is no such thing!!!! I may change my mind after a few races about the gearing?
Singlecross hubs are 120mm. Well they are here in the UK!


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