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I have a question for women racers:

What's the hardest part about being a woman racer? And what's the best part?

We want your answers for an article we're putting together.


-Molly, aka the girl with the cowbell tattoo

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The hardest thing? In road it's that there are frequently no fields or even races to do. Not so in cross. For me the hardest thing is to balance work/family/husband that races...and coordinating our warmups and racing while juggling two small children. The best part? The atmosphere of inclusion and the great friends I've made. People are supportive regardless of how fast or slow you are. It's always a good time!

The hardest part about being a woman racer is the relatively smaller fields (compared to the numbers in the men's races) and how challenging the jump from B's to elite was.

Being a full-time working single parent, I found it really difficult last season to dedicate the necessary training & focus required to effectively compete at that level. It was worlds apart from racing in the larger B field. I'm sure I'll eventually strike a a balance, as my son gets older and my life circumstances change & evolve. Until then, you will find me wholeheartedly plugging along at the back of the pack.

The best part of being a woman racer? Racing affords me a great opportunity to set goals and keep trying (not that there's anything inherently "female" about that, but I think it's a great example to my son). I love the adventures that racing brings...a constant change of scenery and being a part of something "else."


BEST part about being a woman 'cross racer?  That's an easy one!  

Worry-free remounts :)


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