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Hey everyone-

I'm working on an article about singlespeed cx racers, so if you race 1 speed and want to help me out, chime in!

1. Why singlespeed?

2. How did you decide on gearing?

3. Toughest maintenance issue?

4. Do you still race in regular races, or only in SS categories?

5. Best part about racing SS?

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1- ss is cheap! I could afford to build a nice bike and not be afraid to lock it up as a commuter

2- i chose my gearing buy going to a local park on a muddy day and riding... and ask the forums, duh.

3- my rear brake cable is the ONLY thing wrong with my bike- its super gunked up. 

4- East Coast races dont have ss (yet), so I rode with the geared guys. I do ss when its there though. 

5- when you pass guys with carbon bikes and carbon tubulars who look fast while youre on your heavy steel commuter!

1. Why singlespeed? Because I have the baddest SSCX bike in the world:

2. How did you decide on gearing?  Educated trial and error, with plenty of misguesses

3. Toughest maintenance issue?  Not being able to pour enough beer through the engine.

4. Do you still race in regular races, or only in SS categories?  I've been doubling up most race days, but this year I'm Race Director of the local series so I'll only have time for one race per day - and it will be SS.

5. Best part about racing SS?  The purity of just racing the bike - focusing on pushing one's self as hard as possible, not worrying about being in the right gear or potential drivetrain mechanicals.... and SSCXWC, of course!


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