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So thanks to a combination of factors including people not returning numbers and us turning a small profit in previous races we are looking to get some dedicated race numbers for cross racing.


We had been using some standard cloth numbers pinned on to the lower back with safety pins, however these weren't coming back and so we had experimented with some disposable numbers (courtesy of some charity events)


but one of the organisers saw these:


And wondered what they were, are they a sticker? If not, how are they attached?


We also discussed getting smaller arm number made up via our club's sponsor (who make kits and will do custom orders for us)


What do people use in the races?

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The Utah Cyclocross series uses a number plate zip tied to the front of the bars. You pay $10 and keep your plate for the whole season...and beyond. I've never minded the one time $10 fee, I don't think it bothers most people, unless they only plan on doing 1 or 2 races.

The numbers you see are stick on ones. They are great for one race, but then they end up usually falling off if you don't pin then.


I would suggest you guys look into getting heavy duty vinyl numbers printed. See if any of the printing shops in the area can do ones made from the same material that you use for outdoor banner signs (just see what the lightest weight of thread count they have). That is what just about ever single kermis race over in Belgium uses and some of the numbers must be over 20 years old. You pay a 5 euro deposit for each number and have it returned when you return the number. Takes a little more effort on your part, but makes sure you have numbers year after year.


One thing I would like to see more races look at doing is chip timing for the races. Not so much for scoring, but for the pleasure of the riders and comparison of lap times. It's really nice to get the lap times from the World Cup races and then look at how much certain things affected a race. It's a nice add-on and you can use a system similar to the vinyl numbers to get them back. (just make sure everyone goes through a finishing shoot and have someone there to take them off the bikes/person.

we are trialling chip timing for our next race.


one fo our commissaires looks after the timing for the road race series so we are using their set-up (with some mod as i understand it).


the other main cross series down here (in another state) has been using timing for a few months. they really like it and use the data to produce some simple animation to replay the races as they unfolded.


thanks for the suggestions.

I know bike-mounted numbers are cheesy, but there was a MTB Thursday night series that used cut up milk jugs to make the numbers.


I always used Road I.D.'s system, which provided free race numbers.


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