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race report: Cross Crusade # 1, Alpenrose Dairy, Portland

I had an unreal and fantastic day at the dairy.

Race report here:

Additional stats here:

And photos here:

Scroll down about halfway to find the Alpenrose pix.

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Awesome race report Beth. I'm still working on my own issues but am shooting for a race or two at the end of the season. I've been riding to work and sitting on the trainer at night to get my endurance back up. Look forward to your next report. I was wondering what you do on your practice nights? I need to incorporate skill training again, do you have a set routine that you do? Thanks...
Thanks, Jesse. This year, I did things a little differently:
1. Around mid-July, I began making it a point to practice my dismounts by using that same motion whenever I came to a stop -- at the store, at the farmers' market, wherever. I started carrying my bike up flights of stairs (a favorite is skipping a level on the Eastbank Esplanade near the Rose Garden arena).
2. This fall I took advantage of a series of clinics offered by a local fitness center and taught by members of a bike club they sponsor. From them, I learned a simple cardio warmup that I now incorporate into my weekly cross practices.
3. I continued to ride to and from work every day for base miles.
4. I built a very humble practice barrier that collapses flat for carrying in my cargo bike. I took the barrier and my bike to my local park (see my photo album) and, after warming up. rode big circles around the park -- practicing sudden accelerations through the muddy softball diamond, off-camber riding at different speeds, and going over my barrier.
5. This is the biggest thing: I invited women I'd befriended during the short-track season to come and play on their bikes with me. A few showed up and we taught each other what we knew.
This Sunday I'm going back out to do it all again, probably for a good 90 minutes, and if any of my friends join me we'll repair to a nearby brewpub afterwards for refreshments.

I figure if I can schedule time for this once or twice a week in the next two weeks (when I don't have races), that will help me stay ready enough to handle my next race in 2 1/2 weeks.
I would love to have a huge scene like that out here...I must come visit!
Well, come on out. The PIR race is October 24 and there is sure to be rain and mud there.


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