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So last night I did my first training race after a long layoff from cross and had a blast, BUT I need to adjust my cockpit abit.  My cross bike fit is geared a bit toward the road side of things... which works fine on my own not super tech course, but on a real course, control was rough and I need to readjust. I have a long stem at a negative rise which I like (I'm tall with longish arms) and by no means a "contender".

Do I

- flip the stem to a positive rise?

- size down in the stem and stay negative?

- Size down and go positive?

I realize this isn't and end all be all answer but looking to to toss ideas around...



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Since it's the easiest thing to do, flip the stem you have and don't forget to angle your handle bar up a bit.  Ride it and see.  Try to find a 1cm shorter stem to borrow and and ride that pos and neg and see how that feels.  The experience I have with fitting customers is that everyone is so different it is better to give them a baseline and then encourage them to ride it for week and come back for adjustments if needed.  In other words, its a lot of trial and error.


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