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Is anyone currently racing on the Redline singlespeed frameset (aluminum frame, carbon fork)?

I am being invited to consider it as my next bike and would like to hear pros and cons from folks currently riding one. I'd also welcome gearing, wheel and tire suggestions, as I would be transitioning from a 26" wheeled MonoCog. I'm a 150 # rider who prefers spinning over mashing and I enjoy technical stuff (berms, whoopdees, drop-downs and buckets of mud) more than I do suffering on endless pavement. 

Thanks --Beth

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Beth, I have one, here's my take on it:  it's a well designed, well built frame, just what you'd expect from Redline.  Plenty of clearance, stiff, etc...  The fork is the only downside.  It's not particularly light, nor stiff, and on my bike, it's not properly aligned.  The wheel seems centered, but it pulls to the left.  I noticed this while riding on the road one day, took my hands off the bars to wipe my glasses and ended up almost in the wrong lane!  I don't notice it off-road, so it's not THAT big a deal.  I know it's the fork and not the frame, as I mounted a different fork and the problem went away.


Bottom line, it's worth the money.

Scott -- thanks for the info. What fork did you swap in? Just curious. Also, what gearing do you like to run for technical conditions?

I put a Reynolds fork on the frame just long enough to confirm that it wasn't the frame causing the problem.  As for gearing, well... I decided to pass on racing SS this year after all, so I can't say.  At the moment the frame is hanging on a rack in the garage, not even built up.

I find the Redline to be a great bike that handles well and in a predictable fashion.  I didn't notice the fork issue mentioned by Scott but, haven't ridden it on the road at all.  With the Redline being my wife's SS I have only used it here and there (mostly as a pit bike), but it is a solid bike that I would definitely recommend if you can get it as getting one seems to be the issue these days.

As for gearing I tend to spin on the pavement over being bogged down in the mud running a 42x19, or 40x18 for cross sometimes dipping down to 42x18 for fast courses.  For comparison on my 26" mtb I run 32x16 for mounting biking, but would need to put a smaller cog on for it have cross gearing.


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