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So I glued up my first set of tubulars. Now I need to know how to remove excess glue from the sidewall of my Dugasts? I thought I had stretched the tires enough, but getting the last part of the tire on the rim caused a little sloppiness. I can scrape it off, but I wonder if that does more harm than a solvent? I've heard WD-40 and mineral spirits, but I'd like to hear from someone with experience. I used Vittoria mastic.

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Most of what you'll use to get the glue off can also weaken your glue on the rim. So if you do use acetone or mineral spirits, work in a well-ventilated area and keep the stuff AWAY from the fabric and out of the edge of your glue bed.

You're past this for this round, but a great way to keep your rim sidewalls clean is to cover them with electrical tape. When you're all glued/mounted just pull it off. NO glue on the braking surface!
Thanks. I ended up gently scraping it off after the glue got very hard instead of risking a solvent compromising the integrity of the sidewall material.
A few good rides in mud?

Seriously, though, Anne has the right advice.
As a friend told me, I need to analyze less and ride more. Your advice was closer to the point than you might have guessed.


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