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So last night we had #2 in our training series and I was amazed how fast guys were riding thru the ruts on the grass, both parallel and perpendicular to the route I wanted to go. I had such a hard time keeping my wheel straight. Any suggestions?

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Get in one of the ruts and let it rip. Don't steer it too much, let the wheel float to some degree. Don't panic when you get some feedback from the wheel because you're hitting the edge of the rut. If there's a banking to the rut in a corner you can use it like a berm to push against.

Rule of riding ruts: 1. don't go in em 1A if you DO find yourself in the rut, ride it out. At some point, the rut's going to end and you can pick a better line then.

IOW don't try to just turn your front wheel and ride out of it. Don't work. DAMHIK

As an add-on: look where you want to go, not at what you're trying to avoid. You can steer yourself right into the rut by looking at it or you can stay on the edge by looking there instead. Try it it works.

Works the same mtn biking too. If you're JRA and there's a big rock in the trail, if you look at the rock you WILL hit it. Look around the rock and that's where your front tire's gonna go.

Oh, one more hint: look farther ahead. The further ahead you're looking, the less surprised you'll be AND you'll ride a straighter line. Its tough. I keep having to remind myself 'eyes UP' when I'm riding too.



Thanks for the input...the ones we were riding the other night were like trying to ride a rail road bed....


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