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A couple of months ago I bought a Ridley Crossbow frame and fork off this site, When I went to put the headset in I and the LBS found that the steer tube was not the right size 43mm and not the 44mm, after a few calls the frame was sent back to the Ridley rep,
Now it looks like I will get a frame credit as I will have my choice of Ridley frames I was thinking of going with the X-Ride the LBS has a X-Fire in stock and my size I will need to pay the difference.
I don't think I really need a carbon frame like the X-Fire my skills are a ways off yet so the X-Ride is a nice option but that carbon frame is nice....

Any suggestions?


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Go with the X-ride it is a lightweight aluminum frame, has all the features you want in a cross bike and heaven forbid if you crash you won't have that little voice in your head saying "You just crashed an expensive carbon fiber bike, I hope the frame isn't broken." I tend to look, not jus at the cost, but the cost of replacement especially since cross can tear up your gear. Not to say that the carbon frame would explode after impact (although I think Jonathan Page might beg to differ) but check out their warranty policy just in case, and yes I do understand that aluminum frames can and do break as well :)
Thanks Jesse good points to consider....


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