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Looking at the Ridley size chart on their website it uses body length and min./max. leg length as fitting variables. I am 6 ft and 1/2 inch tall (184.2 cm). My Inseam is 34" plus or 87 cm. Does Ridley intend for leg length to mean inseam measurement? If that is the case, their size chart for the x-fire puts me on a 52 cm frame. I currently ride a Kona Jake the Snake at 56cm and am fairly comfortable on it. My road bike is 58 cm. Ridley riders ... Does this seem right? Would that frame fit?

I ask because the nearest Ridley Dealer is 3 hours away. I have a build kit and was thinking of picking up a frame on eBay. I am considering the major Jake, x- fire and bianchi cross concept or cavaria.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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I am 6'2" with a 34" inseam (pants). I have 3 Ridleys including a x-fire that are 56cm. I normally use a 58cm or 60cm on the road.
Thanks - I called the Canadian distributor of Ridley and it turns out that one of the bike stores in my home town just started carrying Ridley. Problem with that is, it's not my regular shop. Uh oh!
I am 5'10" with 31" inseam and ride 50" X-Fire.  I ride a 54" road bike (not a Ridley).  For me the Ridley chart was spot on (although I checked it after I purchased the bike based on the actual geometry and tube lengths).  I would say that 52" X-Fire would fit me too but I prefer a slightly smaller cross frame (in case of Ridleys with higher BB the smaller setup is perfect for me)


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