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On a long road section, given the same tire pressure, would a narrower tire with knobs have more or less rolling resistance than a wider tire with a smoother tread.  For example, comparing a Michelin Jet 33.5 mm actual inflated width and 340 grams vs a Vredestien Campo 29.5 mm actual inflated width and 350 grams, which would be more efficient on the road, not taking any dirt sections into account (or let's just say the dirt sections are hard packed and only mildly bumpy, like broken pavement).  Thanks for your opinions!

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i guess it's too hard to generalize without specific tires, widths and pressure.  interesting link - but i guess what c-note was asking isn't possible to extract from that article exactly:

"A direct comparison is impossible though, as the tires have different widths and some are used with very different inflation pressures."


but many tests show that width just widens the contact patch while a narrow tire lengthens it, so not much difference, and if anything wider can be better.  so with a smoother tread, you may be faster on both accounts.  of course, there has to be a limit.  a 2.5" smooth tire having less rolling resistance than a 25c?  that'd be surprising.


c-note - how about some testing? i'm sure readers would be interested...

Alright-time for some roll down testing. İ think İ'll need a power meter, can CXM spare one for the test? :D


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