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Hello New here, with a question.


I purchased a used 2008 Kona Jake the snake and it I imagine had been raced or at least was set up that way.


It came with Rotor Q chainrings of 40-46. 


at this time I have not raced, and may or may not go that way.  in the mean time I WILL be using the bike as a commuter and will be basically uphill commuting in and downhill on the return trip.  My road set up has a tripple with 30 small 25 rear.  so the 40-25 combination is a bit tough to spin on these steepish hills.


If I go to a 34 or so Inside ring and decide later to race, is the Rotor 40 worth keeping?


I have seen Rotor sets used on Ebay sell for pretty big money.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated again im new my cross bike. 


thanks for you help in advance.



Canby OR

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hey david,

not sure if you saw but some folks responded on our facebook page: maybe we can find a way to integrate the comments.
interesting, I dont have access to Facebook. is there a way to repost or paste the comments here.

sure, both basically said "keep them!"
there we have it. I like the ride with them, but on the road I will need something for commuting to allow for climbing. Never hurts to keep these though. Thanks.


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