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Does anyone out there have an running program as part of their cyclocross training? If so how many days a week and how far do you run. And on what type of terrain.

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I do put in some running into my training as the season approaches. Typically I run short distances but high intensity. This would be things like 100m intervals with full recovery. I do this one or two days a week. As the season gets even closer, I mix my running and cycling into the same workout.

In the past, I've run just one day a week, 20-30 minutes max.  I talked to a friend who was a collegiate runner and he suggested that the terrain should match what you would see in your 'cross races.  So I run on grass and dirt primarily.  And I mix in short, steep little hills, sandy patches and some tight, twisty singletrack.

Last year I did more running than I needed to.  I could crush people during the run-ups, but only 3 of my races actually had a run-up in them.  This year, the running will taper off once the actual racing season starts.

I do run, I added it last year after seeing how much myself and others at the back of the pack were suffering on the run-ups. At mid-season after adding running, my results improved. I run twice a week at lunch, half the run being a warm up, the second half I do a few sprints, and hammer up the overpass at the end. I also run with the bike shouldered in CX practice, usually most of a lap. I have also run a few times as warmup at races. My usual run is about 20 minutes, two miles.

Yes, I run. Once or twice a week. Not necc. as part of 'cross, but because I'm a field service guy who's just trying to keep my fitness up. Sometimes I get to a hotel after 7pm, and I'm tired, hungry and don't know the neighborhood. I've been able to develop a decent running motor (Saturday I did a 5K for fun and clocked a 23:08, my first ever foot race). Now I'll need to start adding some sprints in.


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