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Yes, I know that my ass is not your ass, so what fits you may not fit me.  I'm not looking for advice on picking some saddle out of the random chaos that is all available saddles.  Here's the situation:

I race a Gin & Trombones, and I really liked the OE Velo saddle for cross and raced that.  At practice the other night it gave up the ghost and the shell snapped just aft of the nose of the saddle.  It's full suspension now!  In my ideal little world I'd replace the saddle with the same thing, but finding one of those hasn't proven easy at all.

It looks similar in shape to a fizik Arionne and/or Selle Italia SLR, so I'm willing to try one of those.  What I'm looking for from this community is--of those two seats, or others similar in size/shape/etc.--which models have survived the unique rigors of cyclocross well?  Considering the price of saddles, I can't afford to buy multiples over and over again.

If it matters, this saddle will sit atop a Thomson zero offset post.


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I'm going in this direction. Cheap, not really heavy, and based on the materials used should be durable.


I've now raced an the PDW saddle, and while I like it, there's one unforeseen caveat. The EVA foam (essentially the same stuff that Crocs are made of,) is comfortable and durable, but tends to "grab" lycra at times, making remounts a bit different. Didn't have any real issues with it, but it felt weird at times.


I've got a Selle Italia SL XC.  Aside from countless remounts, it has taken many tumbles, some really hard ones, and is still intact. I should say I am 137lbs, so experiences may vary for others. The smooth sides help remounting. I can't say the textured middle actually helps with grip but it can't hurt. Shape is v. similar to my SLR. Mine weighed 215g, so not too TOO bad. I remember paying ~$45 for it.

hope that helps.

If you like the Arione, consider Fizik's MTB version for a bit more padding and maybe more strength. I think it's called the Tundra.

I took the carbon railed Gobi off my MTB and put it on my Gin & Trombones. I've been very happy with it all season.

I actually am NOT a fan of the Arione on my road back.  However, I tried the Tundra on a teammate's pit bike and found it similar enough to the original saddle that I bought one myself.  Having ridden it now for a few weeks, I can say that overall I like it.  I wish the horn of the saddle were a little narrower--not much, just a little.  I won't ditch the saddle for that complaint, though.


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