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What are the opinions on this frame.  I am shopping for a frameset and all the LBS's dont have much.  Boulder cycle sport can get one of these. 

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I like the Chilie Con Crosso, but if I were buying a new frameset, I'd get the Gin & Trombones from Van Dessel.

Yeah I like that one as well.  Do you know where there avaiable at?

If you're still looking and you're in Boulder, Pro Peleton is Van Dessel dealer.  That's where I purchased my Gin & Tombones.  Chris and Nick are nice guys to boot.


It looks like you can buy direct from Van Dessel if none of the shops in your area are a dealer-- according to their website, they can ship to you or the shop of your choice depending on your needs.
How soon are you looking to nail one down? Airborne has a CX bike coming out, the Delta.  Looks promising but it will be sold complete, I understand.
The newer Chili Con Crosso (EV6 Extrolite aluminum) is heaver then the old scandium version..old version states that the frameset is under 4lbs.. new frame + fork is ~4lbs 9oz(55cm)..If you want the horizontal drops then it may be worth buying..If your never going to use them..look else were..why care around the extra weight..I think the new frame 2011 is a down grade from the previous scandium model..Gin & Trombones has a BB30..
Looks like I just got my hands on 2011 Stevens prestige. 
You're going to love the Prestige. I have the carbon model and the geometry is amazing. I wanted to love the Con Crosso, but I demo'd it and didn't like it at all.

RE: Gin & Trombones


I have one of these and if all you're going to do on it is race, it's really great... BUT, if you are also going to ride it on the trails, it's a little aggressive...


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