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I just read this article in ccx mag regarding the subject of using heat shrink tubing to seal cable ends. Anyone done it?

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Not really sealing the cable ends, but using it in a different way.

a pic of my top tube shrink work to keep the cables from mashing up the top tube and an attempt to keep some dirt out.
I also got rid of the poorly designed FSA 45 degree bent noodle and replaced it with one from a set of XTR brakes.
I added a few layers of clear shrink to keep it nice and night in the same hole.

I also used shrink on the derail cable back on the rear drive side stay. It is holding up nice.
I use tiny heat shrink tubing at the ends of cables, rather than crimping or soldering:

It's worked well for that... sealing against dirt sounds interesting... I might give it a try.
what size of heat shrink tubing do you use? also, does that tubing go up into the ferrules to keep it from sliding out and down the cabling on your top tube?
No, but I'm going to. That is a really good idea.
I did it. I bought a Gore sealed road derailleur kit, then realized it didn't have enough nosed ferrules or grub seals for all the cable stops on my Rocklobster. I dug through my 'cables & housings' box and found some old nosed ferrules from mtn bike cable kits, as well as some cable liner. Both are larger diameter than the gore stuff, but coupled with heat shrink tubing and a heat gun I had a fully sealed system. Since then I bought a jar of SRAM (Jagwire) nosed ferrules and also enough shimano cable liner to make my own sealed systems. Only thing the Gore kit has that I don't is the plastic (teflon?) sheath on the cable itself.

My ego compels me to tell you that this was before the cxmagazine article came out. :)

cool, any pixs of the heat shrink tubing where it attaches to your cabling. im trying to still figure that part out..


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