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I just finished gluing my tubulars for this season's 'cross campaign and I had a quasi-cyclo-cross-related religious experience downstairs in my basement that I just had to share. I used a urethane sealant on the sidewalls of the tires called Seam Grip. It has been lauded on other forums, which is where I first learned of it. It's manufactured by McNett, the same company that makes Aqua Seal. The Seam Grip has a lower viscosity than the Aqua Seal, which means that it goes on easier and requires a much smaller quantity than the Aqua Seal. Also, it comes with a really handy applicator that is the same width of several of the more popular, handmade 'cross, tubulars. Plus, it also comes with a very small acid brush for touch-ups. I've tried Aqua Seal and I've tried Jevelot's Tire Life, which is a very-thin, latex-based sidewall protectant, and I've got to say, this Seam Grip business is the way to go... although, it could be that I'm a little "high" on the stuff from all of the fumes!

I don't have any financial ties to McNett or Seam Grip. Here's the website for the product:

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Hi Dan,

I'll be gluing up my first set of tubulars in the coming weeks and hadn't heard about coating/sealing the sidewalls of the tires. Not to ask a dumb question (though I will), but what benefit do you get from this? Does it help with punctures or does it help the sidewalls last longer? Also, I assume you do this before gluing them to allow the sealer to penetrate?

Thanks and congrats on the move! We'll be sorry to see you leave the area, but luckily we'll be able to keep track of you on the forum and through the mag.

Thanks Dan for the info.

The sealant is used to help protect the sidewalls, especially fragile sidewalls like ones found on Dugast tires
it's also used to give some water protection to the cotton-based threads so they won't rot. but on the polyester threads of tires like challenge, it can add a bit of abrasion protection.
That's good to know since I'm putting on some Grifos. Thanks for the info.


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