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Busted the carbon rails on my Aliente seat yesterday.  It's on ly my 4th ride on this used Tricross so the seat is about 3 years old.  I was not banging hard on it or riding a rough section of trail but for whatever reason she's history.  Any advice on a good, tough, lightweight replacement?  Money is not an issue, within reason.

John Q.

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I have busted 2 carbon rail Aliante saddles on the road. But have used them Aliante sport for cross with the plastic top and metal rails without problems.
i think there are some spots that carbon is just not a good idea and seat rails on a cross bike are it! to much load on very small rail clamps. i have busted and SLR with hollow Ti rails.
I have been successful with the Original Flight saddle for 10years now and i am 220.... and not overly graceful... yeah Carbon on seat-posts, bars and stems are a recipe for disaster maybe not in the first 5 races, but a cracked seat-post in the MABRA championships in the mud was a total buzz kill!!!!
ya i use the original flight also, and they have rerelested it! sweet!! and as for Carbon seat posts i have cracked one that came on my Tricross, but it did take 4 season and it did not bust off just cracked. oh and i'm 6'1" and 172lbs. and i just put EC90 carbon bars on my cross bike we'll see how those far?
Thanks for the feedback. A friend has suggested the Terry Fly seats. Any opinions?
I wouldn't worry about changing companies. Saddles are personal, if the Aliante works for you don't change a good thing. But, as everyone else has said, ditch the carbon rails for CX!
Never use carbon rails and also the Thompson seatposts have a larger clamp area. My favorite saddle for CX is the Fizik Arione modified like this-

Real easy to do with a jig saw, dremmel tool and some contact cement
Thanks. I tested out an Arione a couple of days ago and it didn't like my butt, or vice-versa. I've ordered a Terry Falcon Y saddle. I believe I need the cutout to keep personal equipment happy and healthy. Terry has a good love it or return it policy so I'll give it a good try.


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