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Hi all,


I'm new to the 'cross scene, and have (mostly) finished putting together my first cross build.  I'm really happy with it--still dialing in a few bits here & there, but the fit is good, etc. 


My LBS built up the bike for me with parts I gathered over the last few months (ordered the frame through the LBS & had them build the wheels).  I ordered a set of the Kore Race+ cantis after reading a number of positive reviews around the interwebs, but my shop installed them by using the barrel adjusters on the brake arms as clamps for the cables, claiming they couldn't figure out how to route the straddle wire through the barrel adjuster safely, because either the barrel adjuster or the other arm (with a traditional canti slot for the end of the straddle wire) would cause a cable crimp cap to pop off.


I have had great experiences in the past with this LBS (been loyal to them for 5+ years, and they've taken excellent care of me), but they have little experience with 'cross stuff.  They said they'd call Kore and try to figure it out, but the owner (my favorite guy there) is currently on vacation, and I'm feeling like it's a low priority for them.


That said, I know this is possible--I've seen pictures online of the brakes set up with the cable running through the barrel adjuster, but haven't been able to find instructions on how to make this work.


If you've set these up, any advice would be helpful!




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you need to run a separate brake cable through the end of the barrel adjuster so that the cable head seats inside the barrel adjuster, then you run the cable over the straddle then through cable anchor and tighten the small (I think 2mm) screw in the anchor to pinch the cable.  you'll have a bunch of cable left over because  you'll only be using 8inches or so.  I'm not sure where the shop. do you have pictures of how your shop set it up?  seeing what went wrong could help.  Heres' the link to what it should look like on kore's web page

I just run a standard straddle cable with no adjuster on the brakes & place an inline adjuster in the cable up top where it is easier to reach.
 I put a pair of TRP mini-V brakes on my 'cross bike. I found them easy to set up, and much more powerful. I now own two pair, for both my 'cross bikes. I will never go back to cantis. I hear Tektro also makes mini-V brakes for less $$. The replacement TRP pad sets are not expensive. 
Nice.  great choice. I'm installing more and more of these for my customers.


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