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I have some questions about brakes/shifters. How adjustable are the campy chorus shifters? If it says 10 speed can they be adjusted to run with a 9 speed cog? I like the campy because you can run all the cables internally.



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There are no shifters, including Campy, with an adjustment that will allow you to run cassettes with different spacing between cogs. However, I've used a Shiftmate to run Campy 10 or 11 shifters with a SRAM or Shimano 10 speed cassette, on my road bike. Works great for me. I do have a set of Campy Chorus 10 shifters to get rid of, if you're interested.

SRAM and the newer Shimano levers also run the shift cables under the bar wrap, but this of course makes the cables harder to replace. I'm using Dura Ace 7800 levers on my cross bike.
One of the first couple of issues of the magazine showed how to run Campy 10 shifters with a shimano or SRAM cassette, can't remember if it was Campy 10 to shimano 9. Maybe Andrew will pipe in here, I believe he was the mastermind behind that mash-up.
I did run Campy 10 shifters and RD on a SRAM 10 cassette and no Shifmate, and with careful setup, it worked OK. You can make some changes to how the cable is clamped to RD to make a lot of these combinations work well.

Setting up your Campy to run SRAMano 10 cassettes is a huge advantage in road races with neutral wheel support, since that's what you're going to get.
Thanks I'm gonna have to find that article. I like the cleaner look. I was looking at a cross bike that needed a shifter replaced and I was trying to get there w/o a bunch of extra money. Now I think I found a solution to the problem, a cross bike already full campy, which I hope to be getting if all goes right. Unless I find a really good deal on a used cross bike. I don't really care if its full campy or not. I have run shimano and campy both before when I was road racing . Things have just changed so much since I raced..( twenty years) hard to get caught up. Thanks again for the advice.


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