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Does anyone know of any companies out there offering single-ring build kits?  I'm planning on (finally) getting a new bike, I would prefer to run single ring, and I'm just trying to figure out if there are good options available for buying a frame and complete build kit.

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I don't think there are any companies that have a single ring set up out of the box...yet.  Ryan Trebon was seen racing with a Sram single ring in the front and there is some speculation that Sram is looking to release a 1X10 (gasp 11 or 12 !?!) speed road group ala their XX1 Mountain groupset.  But rest assured there are options that you can use currently.  First off, no matter what flavor drivetrain you prefer, running a single ring crankset is pretty easy.  Remove outer ring and replace with a chain guide like a BBG, Salsa or FSA then change your inner ring to a 39-42 tooth chainring (depending on your fitness) and a 12-26 rear cassette. Then making sure to shorten your chain to accomodate the lack of big ring.  Then depending on your frame I recommend the NGear Jump Stop, this in conjuction with an outer guide is top notch.  If your frame has a braze on FD you can run a KEdge chain keeper with outer guide.  If you run Shimano you can get a run of the mill Brake Lever from TRP, or Cane Creek for the front and run your standard rear shifter.  If you run Sram Or Campy, set up the crankset like before and then you can simply take the shifter guts out of the Front Shifter to make it a brake lever.  Finding the right gear ratio is important too, to high, you'll be running more and to low you'll be spinning out on the fast flats. Personally, I run a 12/26 with a 39 tooth chain ring (lack of fitness) but be sure to try out different options that suit you.

I run a campy single 42 ring with a Paul's chain keep and a rear cassette from campy 12-30....Plenty of climb and the 12 gives you great high end gear...My theory is if you out spin a 42x12 the you either need a two ring setup or learn to spin faster!!! Campy makes a left brake leaver so no need to "gut" a shifter....Has worked for me for the past 5+ years of racing...Well race-riding in the 50+ groups.....IRD also makes a 12-32 that I have used successfully as well...Single ring setups are the best in all except flat crit style races...Then the only issue is using a bigger front ring...50's do work...

Thanks for the tips, Jesse and DHW.  I was hoping I'd be able to keep it simple by just buying a frame and a build kit, but it sounds like I'll have to assemble my own.  Cheers. sells a few single-ring crank kits- generally a Shimano 105 crank with (I think) Salsa ring/guards.

They're also backed by a good retail shop (in Maine) and could probably work with you to create a full build kit.

Thanks, Erik & Matt.  It looks like I'll go with a complete bike and then get one of those conversion kits before next season.  Cheers.

i did thar i bought some chainring bolts for single chainring on ebay

and then i bought this super awesome chain guide from superstar components

i will paste a photo when im finished with the bike


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